Stop Defending Your Choices

crossroadWhat makes it so hard for you to make a different choice? One of the things I see most is people saying they really desire change, yet they do not want to change the choices they are making.

Sounds silly doesn’t it? Yes, they fight for and defend the belief systems they have that put them into the life experience they are having. You must really look at this… it is where you can spend the rest of your life. You will get no farther in your growth process of true understanding of Universal truths if you continue to defend the reason for the action, the choice you made.

Why? Simple… you will never break the cycle that you have put yourself in as long as you insist that your current story has more value than the new story you have to write. The new story that gives you power and knowledge of why you are making a choice. The knowledge that lets you know what the outcome is going to be by making such a choice.

When you know where your choice is going to take you and what the outcome is going to be, why would you hold onto the belief that things happen to you? That you have to have fear and stress to live in this chaotic world? Tell me why you are choosing to accept the life experience that makes you feel ‘less than’ when you have it in your power to always be on top of your experience?

Feelings that are in your heart are uplifting and bring you joy. You do have to let others off the hook for your reactions. You are choosing to play with those people who make you sad; Who make you angry. Yes, you are. Why are you choosing those emotions over the feeling of peace, happiness and love?

Many people are truly unable to let go of their stories and so continue in the pain and hate and unrest of their lives. Then, instead of being Guardians, they become parental figures, insisting their children do it their way instead of guiding the child to go within and listen from their own heart.

Do you truly desire to go back ‘home’ and realize how you wasted this precious time here on this wonderful plane in the lies of religion and politics? Go with your Internal Truth; you are being lead to the truth. You are reading the words that will set your mind, your soul, free. Refuse to believe that your life is stuck; stop believing that others have any control over your choices.

This is truly the most remarkable plane of existence. We have free will here. Souls are waiting in line to come and experience this thing called feelings. They want to have what you have, yet you are not appreciating what you have until you leave and go back home. Let yourself believe the truth, the truth will set you free from the confines of a place that only exists in your very mind.  Yes, you created it by your choices and you can create brand new by simply making a new choice.

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