Stop defending stories that make you sad

It is very interesting for me to watch when a bunch of friends get together and spend the whole time together trying to make the others responsibility for their feelings. What does it mean to hang out with the right crowd, if the right crowd makes everyone feel so very wrong?

If this is the lifestyle that you have chosen for yourself, then how do you keep your walk on track to living Self is Necessary?

Learning to stand in Universal Truth is not to take anyone away from the physical experiences that make us all so happy. Or not happy.  It is to have you always have the deepest and most wonderful experience that you can.

That is correct. As you begin the journey of finding the true self, it really is not about taking any experience away from yourself. Or for having the emotions that make you feel horrible. It is always about learning about yourself so that the choices you are making are always with the best interest for you and only you .

The first mistake that you make is when you defend the story that is making you sad. The way that each and every one of you can get to the truth about why you are feeling sad is to allow yourself the truth of why you are feeling sad. That is the first step. The second step is the most important… looking at the truth about why you are sad. Then the third is not to run in the opposite direction… no that is not the next step. The next step is to be honest with yourself about what baby step you can take to start making choices that will make you feel good.

Now, I personally have found it is far smarter to acknowledge that you are not strong enough to take the course of action that is the fastest, but to make a step in that direction so that you can see that the changes you take will begin to make your life better. It will also teach you that you do have the strength when you start to see that any change makes a difference.

You just want to make sure that you continue to make changes that enhance your experience here. You, as well as all of us, can and do become complacent so very quickly and that is just putting yourself back on the circle of never finding the truth about yourself.

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