Stop Blaming – Start Choosing

When you get a strong understanding about not trying to get someone to accept why you have needs to be met and you learn how to simply fill your own needs, then you are beginning to take back the power of your life.

This would sound like a very easy fix, yet if that was the case why are you not more excited? This is where you have to start unraveling why you have put on others shoulders, those things you need to do very simply for yourself.

This is where you must begin to really contemplate on the choices you have made. Why do you have certain people in your life? How have you been blaming them for all the things that have not gone right in your life? This may sound harsh, and it has to be in the beginning.

Yes, it really does, you have to have a deep discipline at this point. Why? Because you are the only one that will be able to know when your mind wants to blame someone or something for why you are feeling what you are feeling.

It will take great love for yourself to demand of you, and only you, to take charge and make changes that will enrich your life. Yes, it is possible. There are going to be days you will want to go back and blame others or events in your life. I am here to say, they are simply excuses that will slow down your understanding of the power that you wield over your Happiness and your Sadness.

I know that each and every relationship can be saved. I know that each and every one of you can experience such wonderful things in your life. So again you need to ask yourself… “Do I truly want my life to be different than it is right now?”

You need to not lie to yourself, you must accept that you are not happy, that you are tired of defending the stories that you tell yourself. You must ask yourself why you are unhappy without blaming someone else.

Remember the power is yours, so the loss of your power was due to choices you made along your life path.

Yes, you can spend time feeling bad, sad, mad. That is your choice as well as blaming someone else. With that choice your life will stay on the path that you personally have chosen. To change you must make a different choice. Recognize that at every moment you made and are making the choice to remain in the same life pattern that is making you sad, mad, and feeling bad and only you can make the choice to make the change. And it is in how you make your choices that will give you the power to change your life.

Come on call me, talk to me, write me. let’s have a real conversation that will change how you think about your life.

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