Start Taking the Power Back

Why does a new person in your life make you feel so wonderful?  The whole reason that new people can come into your life is because within that process of being you, you are making conscious choices to have change in your life.

You have to start taking the power back and hold anstart taking the power backd stand in the Truth that it is… and always has been… about you.

If your daily life is not making you happy most of the time, then you must do what it takes to make yourself happy.

You are spending way too much time wishing, praying, and asking for help from the outside world to have your life be different yet, when options are given to you, you say, “NO! I can’t do that“.

Sound familiar? What you should be saying is… “oh my God that choice scares the crap out of me !”

Then take the time and figure out the baby step that you should be taking to get you to the step that caused you to say it scared the crap out of you. From there evaluate, look for the truth behind the story you have been telling yourself. Instead of crying, “help me, help me!” and getting frustrated that no help is coming, meet your fear head on and see if you can balance out the story that causes you fear with the truth.

As you begin the process of looking at your relationships in new ways, look at what kind of relationships they were and then with objectivity, not anger or fear, look at where you were at in you state of mind. You will see very clearly why those people were in your life. If you are repeating the same kind of vibration through all your relationships, then you again must take stock and see that it is your personal feelings about yourself and the world that allows that vibration to play in your life.

I shall repeat and continue to repeat:  Your feelings and emotions are the direct reason that you experience anything. You must begin the evaluation process with objectivity. Which means without judgement on the experiences themselves. You brought them to you for a very specific lesson in mind. This is where we have to start letting go of dogma and social consciousness .

We have to begin a very internal love affair with self and your internal God Being. That is the way to see that yes indeed you have the ability to affect and change how you experience your life.

It is not a bad or good thing that people come and go in your life. The moment you accept and allow the truth into your life, the truth that It is you and has always been you that makes your life experience what it is today, the greater will be your capacity to love everyone and everything in your life. The truth really, truly does set you free!





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