Start dealing with your emotions in the light

On my BlogTalk radio show Self Is Necessary, I was talking about standing in half-truths when making choices for someone else. As I was speaking I realized how it takes a discipline with great resolve for change to maintain making choices just for yourself. You have been making choices for you but really giving priority to what will be easiest for those in your life. In this way you have been making others more important. And you’ve been doing it this way for so long that it is now just a normal thought process.

It takes great resolve to stop that normal process of figuring out what you are going to do through someone else. What does discipline really mean? You must learn to think, and let your feelings be about you. Not the people in your life. The real truth is this –  if you are not letting yourself have and be someone who you feel good about, then you are sad, angry or hostile even if you try not to be. You cannot really hide those kinds of emotions.

This is when you get in a fight with those loved ones and wonder what in heck happened. How many times does this happen to you? The sad thing is that your spouse or significant other, your children, family, and friends are all doing the same thing. So it is very difficult to tell where the fight or harsh words really come from… your unhappiness or theirs. So I am addressing that there are emotions that even though you may not talk about them, they are very much a part of you and your actions towards others.

It is time to pull up those boot straps of yours and start dealing with the emotions that you feel you are hiding. Guess what? Everyone knows! You are the only one in the dark about how you feel about your emotions. I say, start dealing with them in the light. Talk about them and then make the choices that are going to benefit you instead of having you unhappy.

Trust this, when you are happy all the way through and you make choices that support your happiness, each and every person in your life is going to benefit. They will benefit by your walking and talking happiness and then teaching all those around you what it really means about only choosing for yourself. Not the taboo sense of being ‘selfish’ and not being available to share a healthy and happy life with all those you desire to be with.

Hey, call me and let’s talk whether you agree with me or not. Connect through my blog or on my Website… waiting to hear from you….


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    • It does bring me great joy that the walk that I have taken and the wisdom that I have gained in that walk can help someone else on their journey in this life. Thank you for the lovely words Mary, I hope today is a beautiful day as well for you . Delrae

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