Standing in a feeling: Is this a piece of Passion?

When I talk about standing in a feeling, what do I mean?

So often people talk about their feelings yet when they are asked what their feelings are they answer by saying,” I do not really know what my feelings are.” Why is that? Is it possible, in the true sense of feeling, to use ‘I think’ and ‘feeling’ in the same sentence?What must we do to begin to get in touch with a true feeling?

When I first started teaching my classes, I would always talk about how there are always two voices in our head when we first begin to learn about ourselves. The first voice is the loudest, yet it is the one that holds all the doubt and concerns that get in our way.

The second voice is so quiet. It is over with in just the first few seconds that we get data through our brain.

It takes practice on our part, to hear that voice, because we must learn which parts of our thoughts are the ones that are our feelings.

There comes a time when you will hear only one voice. It becomes a strong and loud voice. It is the voice of your inner feelings. How do we learn to trust this voice when for so long we have had to struggle with the voice of doubt? How is it that some of us hear the voice of feelings and others seem never to hear it at all?

Is this not a life long quest, to know one’s self to the point of having internal trust. To have the knowing that you are always being guided by a truth that does not fail you. That there is someone on your side and only your side. This is the goal of each and every one of us, is it not?

Well, as in all things it does take us getting to know ourselves. Do you know yourself? I sure would have said I did. What I found out was that there are many things that lie just under the surface that hinder us from hearing our true feelings. These are called opinions.

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