Stand Up in Truth

One of the things I am noticing about giving opinions is the problem that arises when you are not standing in the truth. I hear so many people who believe that learning to stand up for themselves means being able to say anything that bugs them about anything… and they claim that is the truth and their right of passage.

This is not standing in the truth. That is simply a reason that allows the energy of being a bully to run rampant. You heard me correctly.

Look at those around you who never truly listen… when they share with you do they over talk your objections or do they share so that you are heard as well as they are heard?

Do you both have the floor equally to share your ideas, opinions and explanations? Do you both come to an equal understanding? I am not saying you will agree with each other, I am just asking, Do you come to an equal understanding of the scenario?

You see this is really the issue. You do not have to come to an agreement. To share your feelings and emotions can not and should not have the expectation that anyone else will agree with your ‘whys’. Yet, if you are in the truth, you will also allow the other person to equally share their emotions .

The thing that you should incorporate is the fact that this is a place where you need to make a conscious choice about the issue. Question yourself about the issue, whether it is about a person, place or thing. Have you gained all the lessons for you about this lesson? Then question yourself again. Remind yourself this is about being in the Universal truth not your emotional truth.

Why do you want the change in your life? Do you want it in order to have the emotion go away or are you on the quest for spiritual opening and holding the desire of walking in tranquility here on this chaotic world?

Give that some thought. It makes a difference. If you have any questions about this process please feel free to share. I would love to talk with you.

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