Stand Up for Your New Walk

stand-upWhen you are learning to stand up for the new walk that you are taking what do you do when you find that those around you are now using your vulnerability as you learn to share the deeper parts of who you are?

Are they using it because they know how to harm that beautiful new you that is beginning to show it’s self? Or are they still playing with you the way that you have always played? This is something that once again you must learn to understand and walk yourself through this cool knowledge and understanding .

Each time you bring to the surface another story that has kept you from reaching your creations and opening your heart to the joy that each of you are born to have, you will uncover another transparency that you have covered over your heart when you made a choice not to stand up just for you. Do you hear what the words that I am writing are sharing with you?

Think about a time that you put yourself in a situation that you knew you were not going to like what was going to happen. Take the time right here and now go into the thought process that was going on for you. Your heart knew, you can feel it all over again. Your thoughts were telling you get up now… leave… do not stay here. Yet what choice did you make? Did you get up and leave the situation? Ask yourself the questions that you should have asked yourself then. Why would you do things that your heart was telling you were not healthy for you at the time? It is those kinds of moments in your life where you started to shut down that internal voice, the director within you that works hand in hand with your god essence. So because you walked away from your internal truth that time it became easier and easier each and every time after that when you talked yourself away from your god.

Oh my, when you look at the situation in the light that you and only you made the choice to begin the shut down process of your voice of god, how do you feel about that? This is why it is so important that you begin to really look at the behaviors that you are using to keep you away from that voice of god. The more that you look at the other people in your life and try to get them to change you will never ever take the time to look at the truth that it has been you getting in the way of you.

Those others in your life are only there to help you see the choices you made to walk away from yourself. When you stop looking at them as ‘the bad person who is some how hurting your feelings’, you will turn that ‘looking’ process inwards and begin to, with empathy and love, look at the choices you made to walk away from god. It is the process back to hearing the word of god that makes you the magnificent being that you were born to be.





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