Stand in the wonder of choosing you

I was talking with one of my clients and I was very impressed with how she was standing up for herĀ parameters. She was having a small get together for her birthday. She had asked two people to go and she was going to pay. The next thing she knew, one of the people she asked started inviting another couple to the supper. She was triggered by this , but as she thought about this she enjoyed the company of the second couple so said nothing of the additional people. She did look at the cost of the group now going to be six instead of the original 4.

Then just a couple of days before her birthday celebration, the first person calls again and says ok we are going to have to change the time now because I have invited some more people and they can not come at the time you want.

Well, how many of you would say , “Who the ****** are you going and inviting people to my celebration?!” Well, that question was broached and the answer was, “I have all these other birthdays and I just want to get it all done and over with.”

The woman went home to stew over her celebration for her birthday being taken over by someone else. That some one did not seem to even respect any of the feelings of the young woman at all. This is the point of time when I say you must not take someone else’s feelings into account. This is when you have to stand up and quietly, not beingĀ confrontationalĀ or even in anger, just quietly stand up for yourself and assert what you want! You need to do this because you are learning to love yourself totally.

You now have to decide, are you still going to share your time and your company with this group of people? If you decide to continue on with the evening that was no longer your plan, do so knowing you are not standing up for yourself. When you do so, do not harbor bad feelings… you no longer get to be mad.

Why you ask? Because you have consciously decided to go on with the engagement even though you knew it was no longer your party. So now that you have made this choice you do not get to angry or upset.

If you can not do this, then listen to me. Stop being upset. You are choosing not to stop the party. Now, listen again. Then make new plans. YES, you heard me! Those people who would change your plans are truly not anyone you need to participate with to celebrate your birthday. Those that are simply would never try and take over .

It is very simple.

The second thing, see if you can do as this young woman did, she simply went out with her husband and children. Which of course was truly standing in the truth for her. Please stand in the wonder of standing in the joy of choosing YOU over every and all others. Do not be angry any more. Stand in the wonder of choosing you.

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