Stand in the Integrity of Your Self

integrity_compassWhat does it mean to stand in the integrity of your self and the Universal Truth? This question can be answered in so many different ways… almost as many ways as there are people on this planet. In fact, that is the very essence of this wonderful lesson. There is an individual walk for each and everyone of us.

There is a sequence and patterns that we as social groups have put together that seems to bring peace to our sharing of this world. Yet it appears they only work for some, not for all in the social grouping. Have you ever wondered why?

This is a question to really contemplate when we are working on unraveling our own patterns and behaviors. The patterns and behaviors that are not giving us the results we desire. That is the Universal Secret.

Yes… we each created a mathematical pattern for ourselves. It is set up on the energy we agreed we are going to hold as we come and have our physical experiences here on Earth. This is the truth that is really never spoken about.

We are coming here to bring more pieces of soul to reside into our physical bodies. The mathematical patterns or equations that we have created for our very own experience means there is not any other human being here having (or needing) the exact, same, experience.

So when our parents try to ‘parent’ us into doing what they did or into thinking how they thought, it simply can not work. It only teaches us when they share, we get forced into thinking in someone else’s mathematical equation. So we begin to not share at all. Then, when we really need to see where our thoughts are going so that we can evaluate for ourselves, we have those thoughts, emotions and feelings so locked down as a side effect of not sharing. We have the hardest time getting back in touch with our own mathematical equations.

Yet it’s critical we get back in touch with our own mathematical equation. It can unlock our lives! We can walk in the truest form of joy when we walk this walk simply and quietly for ourselves. We have been so parented into doing for others that it is almost as if we are being abused. We have to begin to see the truth in the abuse that is really being done to us to get us to overstep what is the very best choice for ourselves, even as a very small child. That is why we learn how not to say NO loud enough! This was a question of mine when I was writing about being raped. Why did I not say NO loud enough? Today I know why and how it happens.

Each time we try to get someone to do it our way, we are re-enforcing that persons inability to not be able to say NO loud enough for anyone to hear the “No” and stop.

Instead of listening in a way that takes away free choice, listen and teach your friends, family, and children, to question the feeling about the action step they took. How does it feel to them? Would they take the very same action step? Why would they or wouldn’t they? As they learn to question, they will see a very easy baby step to take to change the choice that was just made or to maintain it to have the end results that fit them perfectly.

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