Slow down and FEEL the answer

How many times have we had the opportunity to take a baby step, but in our mind we could not see us changing our life structure to accept that baby step. That is the one place that keeps us experiencing over and over again, the life we do not want any longer.

Is it fear, or being alone, or is it money, or life style? What is it that makes us throw away the baby step that would change our lives forever?

When we are given a baby step, instead of saying no in our heads because we can not see a straight path to our goal, we should stop and say to ourselves, “Yes, this is what I desire. I do not see that there is a baby step for me to take, but, yes, this is what I desire.”

If we could stop and have that kind of conversation with ourselves we could achieve whatever our heart has needed!

Without having harm or pain or sadness come to us or whomever else is directly involved with us at the time.

I’ve found out if I cannot see right at the get go where my baby step is going to take me, I have to slow down even more. Kept on talking to myself.  Before I know it, there it is in front of me… the clear path to my desired outcome.

It does not look like anything I could have designed so I know it is for me, from my internal guidance system. It never looks like what I would image it to look like. Yet, when I get that feeling of joy, of exuberance, I know without a doubt it is exactly what I need.

We miss so many opportunities because we do not slow our thoughts down enough to recognize where we are saying ‘no’ before we can actualize the very thing we have been longing for in the deepest depths of our hearts.

Slow down, feel when the baby step is presented, stop saying ‘no’ before you really can feel that the possibility is really right there in front of you.


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