Sitting in Joy

As I sit here bringing the peace and tranquility that fills the very essence of my soul I have come to feel that all is possible.

When you sit in the simple quiet of joy, all that your heart desires simply is shown to you. It is, of course, our choice if we are going to use our minds to bring about this quality to our lives.

As I walk more and more into the aspect of having Joy in my everyday life I also see that it is we, ourselves that decide whether or not we are going to accept any change to allow joy to fill our souls.

Yes, that is correct, we must always be on the look out for why we do not want the changes that are necessary to bring in joy. We must always remember it is our choices that allow the changes that bring about the joy that we claim we desire to have in our lives. So, as I am walking through each and every day I watch closely, for I am always showing myself where I am afraid to accept that which I claim to desire.

When I see it clearly I then, as a scientist, go about looking at every facet of the ideas that created my opinion. Do I still have the same opinion? Do I feel the same way about the idea or concept that is standing in my way? Most of the time I see that I had not ┬álet go of the idea yet, I had not let go of the thoughts about the opinion and so in my conversations I would catch my “catch phrase”, the one that allowed the energy of the old opinion slip in and the vibration would alter the new energy that I was trying to experience.

If you don’t agree with me then I say Challenge me, I’m waiting to hear from you. Have a wonderful day and into the evening tide.

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