Simple, Quiet, Truth: Ya Right!

Okay, I am sure there are a few out there who are having these very thoughts. So, I will address my thoughts on this.

The operative word here is Thoughts. Too many people believe that thoughts carry the day. You create nothing off a thought. Well, I take that back, you create fear.

You become depressed, you have stress in your lives. Because you let them go wandering around in your brain until you are ready to go crazy. Then when you cannot stand your thoughts any more you start blaming any and every thing around you, for the cause of all of your woes.

Well, it is simply because you have gotten lost in all those thoughts. If we took the time to simply assess our thoughts and then matched them with a true feeling that we are having we would eliminate at lease 450 to almost 500 thoughts per minute that are rolling around in our heads.

Oh, you do not believe me? Well, try it. Take those thoughts and find out if they belong to any true feeling you are having. Not what someone else has told you you should be having.

If we had been taught from early on to only work off a feeling you simply would not be thinking you did not get choices. Look at your choices today. Stop making the ones that are getting you to feel so bad. Oh, yes, you can.

It does not mean giving up your life as you know it today. It does mean taking responsibility for the life you have today. It does mean changing the things you can change this very minute. Then work on the strength and understanding that is needed so you do not repeat the choices that are making you feel so bad.

This is where contemplation comes in… who am I? where would I like to be? when did I get myself off track? what is the simple way to start my way back to the track that I desire? These are just a few questions to start asking yourself. If you do not get an answer then keep asking questions.

Your feelings are most likely buried very deeply, very far away from your consciousness. Look at why you have stored them so far from the surface of your truth.

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