Shaking Off Attachments

As I was working with a small gathering this evening the first question asked was: How do you detach from those in the work force and those people that you are working with. And how do you not be attached to any of the outcomes that are happening at work?

One of the first things that you, as a student of Self is Necessary, need to start is to understand and accept that your life is always a lesson on how to once again walk in the Universal Truth. Once that is the basis that you are coming from it becomes easier to see that looking at each individual experience as a life lesson rather than attaching yourself to an outcome, is the path to making your life be one experienced in joy.

So, like with the scenario of work, are you having a problem with another co worker? Are they getting in your face? You want to begin to understand the meaning of what you are feeling you are experiencing. As you start understanding more and more it can begin to be seen in your life more easily.

I know for me the hardest part of this life understanding was realizing that I have to be different and more understanding. I found myself wondering why the other guy doesn’t have to be accountable. I confess, I found myself tempted to resent that in the beginning. So if you are like me, you must journal all the time about why you are really doing this walk of understanding the truth. You might need to remind yourself that it’s you who wants to know about how this Universe works and why.

You must begin to remind yourself that the first and foremost reason is to take back your life… that you are choosing to live simply for you. So, even though it may be a very hard first step, you still want to take it.

One of the way’s to help remind you is to have little post it notes with the date you started and why you are asking for change. Little reminders that this is about you so you learn how to catch yourself when you have input come at you. You want to remember it’s coming at you so that you can stop and look at the actions that got you to this contrasting or ‘negative’ moment. And then remind yourself that you do not look at, or judge, the person that is delivering the message… they are just playing a role in the show called YOU!

You look at what the internal message is for you. No matter what was said, no matter who said it, you have to pull back your emotions from the scenario. For example, a coworker tells you to do something that you do not like to do. What typically happens is you go into your emotions, and those emotions stir up thoughts about ‘the story’ you hold, defending exactly why you should not have to do this task, how you don’t even feel it is part of your job description, how they are not your boss, and on and on it goes until you are so angry and frustrated with this person that you can’t get any work done.

Instead, it is here that you get to start seeing where your story about the scenario and your life is bringing you. With that in mind you take a deep breath and start to look at why you have the resistance in the first place. It has nothing to do with the person who brought you the message. You go within and start to evaluate your feelings and thoughts so you can discover the truth… for self. You’re suddenly inspired to ask yourself questions about the story you’ve been holding instead of focusing on your irritation and blame toward the person who happened to trigger it.

I know it is hard in the beginning but it is so worth learning. We really are born with joy and we should always be in joy. That is our birthright!

I know you can do this. Please keep me posted about how it’s going.


Delrae J Bantz

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