Setting the tone for your day

As you wake in the morning take the time to just snuggle for a bit. Allow yourself this time to connect yourself back to the internal source of your divine essence. Allow the joy to seep into your thoughts, allow this feeling of just allowing the source of love to flow through you. Oh yes you can. For a brief moment you allow yourself the knowing that nothing is harming you at that very moment that you are just languishing in your bed.

Close your mind to getting ready for all the things ahead of you today. Just give yourself those few moments to reacquaint yourself with what is in your physical world. This is not meant to sound all ‘live on top of the mountain.’

That is not what I am sharing here. Yet, our world is hectic and chaotic so we must center ourselves with the consciousness that what you are feeling right now is what you are creating for your physical experience into the next day.

That is a big responsibility that each and everyone of you need’s to incorporate into your life. It is and has always been about your responsibility for your feelings and how that is then felt in your future. This is an easy concept to hear and talk about on an intellectual level. I meet and work with so many people who sit in their intellect and then have the hardest time understanding what it means to feel life into your creations… not think your creations.

It is not about repeating time and time again a mantra of how your life is going to change. It is about going inside of your core that only you allow you to be. It is there that you must look at the stories you tell about yourself. It is there that you learn to hold on to the feeling you desire to have in life experience. It is right there that you can literally change you life in a moment .

It is not in how you think about yourself. When you evaluate correctly and on the right scale you can see that you can very easily change how you think about anything. So, that is why I say… when you wake in the morning take the time to let this wonderful thing called feelings to envelope you in a wonderful warm embrace. Keep that feeling flowing though you as you then get up and go about your day.

It is in the practice you begin to see how by having the feeling of self love surround you, you can deal with anything that can come at you without losing control of the internal you.

Delrae J Bantz

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