Self gratification takes others to feel FOR you, Filling Your Needs is an Internal Process.

Self gratification is different from filling your own needs. The first has an outcome that depends on others to have it done for you, where truly filling your needs is an internal process first; Which then allows the internal guidance to lead us to take the steps which will have the fulfillment of our need created. It is done in such a way that each of us knows just how we had our needs fulfillment brought to us… for us… by us.

This does not have anything to do with Self gratification. Self gratification is in picture form a ‘Bridezilla’ – shrieking and demanding other’s be responsible for our happiness. Whereas truly filling your needs is like when you do not think you can ever achieve the most glorious wedding yet as you walk the steps to accomplish the desire things turn up that you never thought possible. You work from your heart, and you stand in grace and love for those around you as you create your dream/need.

When standing within your heart you do not have expectations on others. Self gratification needs others to support that you got what it is you wanted and when you do not get the response you want from those around you, you retaliate with anger and frustration.

In contrast, when you are working from within, you already know that any gift given was given from your heart for you first. It is easy to stand in graciousness and love when you already have it in your heart.

I hear many seeking self-gratification say, “I do not understand it, I am a nice person and I do so much for everyone else.”

Well, I have not seen it… no, what I have seen is feeling sorry for one’s self, crying why can no one see that is for me? do they not love me? … lots of screaming and yelling and that sort of behavior and they are so blinded that they can not even see or hear how they are being downright cruel to the people around them…

Yet, their friends and families are heard making excuses and saying , “Well that is just so and so. You just have to live with them that way… they are never going to change.” Well, that behavior is self-gratification seeking. It will never lead to accomplishing a sense of wonder about self. It will never lead to true freedom of mind, body and soul. It will never lead to peace of mind and self contentment… it will lead to unhappiness, sadness and feeling totally and completely alone.

agree with me? Waiting to hear from you

have a wonderful day and into the evening tide.

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