Self gratification, is it what our heart wants?

Instant gratification and attachments go hand in hand. Yet do any of us know really what the terms mean or stand for?

I think for each one of us they feel slightly different so that when they are spoken about in conversation, we can say to ourselves, ‘no that is not how I think about things’. Yet our world has programmed us for a very long time now to expect things without any energy put in for ourselves.

What do I mean by putting in energy? What with being able to see tragic happenings around the world within minutes of its happening, with having babies read at 8 months old, with holding the idea that ‘Mom and Dad can get it for me’… we have lost sight and the feeling of doing things and finding out how to do things for ourselves.

There is an energy that begins to build as we begin to dream of having a certain kind of physical experience. Yet we do not want to take the time to build this energy. We do not want to have the physical walk to see and refine what it is our feelings and our heads tell us we want.

We spend too much time with our eyes telling us...”ohhh, there it is. I want the biggest and the best… give it to me NOW!” But, when we get this thing are we happy? For how long?

It is amazing the growth that happens when we have a dream and work on bringing it to a physical experience. We find that what our eyes told us we wanted and what our heart finds out we really wanted are so vastly different, yet so many of us do not take the time to find this out. So many are like the bee going from flower to flower, but they did not gather the nectar from the flower, they did not take it back to the hive, and so there is not honey on which to eat through the months where harvest is not possible.

There is growth that happens when we begin self-contemplation. We learn how to hear the internal voice of wisdom that guides us on our daily walk. It is our right to have this work within us. Yet, it is not given freely, there is much work that has to be done in order to hear and have the guidance available from the Universal source.

We must all take and make time to find this place that is within each and every one of us… not outside ourselves , you have it buried deeply within…

agree with me? I am waiting to hear from you

have a great day and into the evening tide.

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