Self Discipline… can set you free

self-disciplineOne the first things you have to really do for yourself is come to a place where you take the accountability for the truth that you really desire to have change. That is what is going to hold your feet to the fire when it starts getting a little hard for you. Why do I say this? Because if you really desire to have the joy in your everyday experience then you will have to constantly remind yourself that it has been you who started this walk to the truth and that it is going to take your diligence to remember this when others tell you that you should be happy with what you have and stop reaching for the stars. The stars that set your own heart free.

They can not help it. You have been feeding a part of them and as you move into learning how to only fill your own being with the total love and joy that each of you have the god right to have, you will have a real fight on your hands. They are going to use guilt and obligation on you big time. As well as you are doing that to those around you.

Yes, you are and that will also have to be looked at by you. You will have to catch yourself when someone presents to you a course of action that they will do for you. Especially once you come to this understanding that , “No, only you should and can be the one in charge of your happiness.”

There will be times when it will mean that you have to walk away from a time, a place, a life, that you had in the past thought was fulfilling.

Why can I say these things? Because you are asking for change, you are asking for guidance, you are saying you do not feel complete and full. That is why I can say these things.

You are going to have to guard your thoughts carefully because it is here that you will defend to the hilt that you are happy, that the words that the others in your life use are true and you need to take stock in what they say. This is the most critical time because you feel all alone. You will find that the steps you will have to take will be dependent on you taking care of yourself… by yourself… and you will find this surprising even though you have been claiming you are and have been doing so up to now. You will see how dependent you have allowed yourself to become on the very vibrations that you are trying to learn to disengage from.

This is a stage where you can lull yourself into thinking that you are making progress. That you are putting things in it’s proper placement so that it can be smooth and effortless. It is not going to happen that way, you are wasting your time and you are actually getting yourself out of sequence to be in alignment with the Universe to have your creation come to you quickly.

Try to remember in the beginning the fastest way to completion of any and all of your creations will seem like you have to take the meanest and hardest steps first. Yes… if you stay in the sequence that is best for you that is how it will be in the beginning. It is because you have put so many obstacles in your way up until now. So to get a true creation you must do the one thing you detest doing first and foremost. Do not take my word for it, simply prove me wrong by doing so and seeing for yourself exactly what happens when you do it your way. Then try it the way that your heart tells you it should be. Not the earth heart silly, the Universal heart, you do know the difference even if you try telling yourself you don’t.

Good luck… and hey, having the courage to stand up for your way hasn’t worked, so trying something new will always give you a different result.




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