Say YES to change!

say-yes2Why does it seem when you think you have a handle on your life, you have a direction and you feel good about the direction you are going and the choices that you are making, you wake up one day and all holy hell has broken loose in your life?!?

This is a place that each and everyone of you should want to find yourselves. Yet it’s often at this precise moment that you go running right back to what you have spent much energy and many steps trying to get away from. That is correct, stop for a moment… when you are in the deepest part of your turmoil, try to recognize that this could be the beginning of the very change you are asking for. I know if you are interacting with another god being it may be a little difficult to believe, when you see yourself fighting once again and your heart aching once again, that this could be the very thing you have just asked for…

Take a moment though and really ask if this is what the Universal Truth sent to make the very change that you, as well as the other person, has asked for. Look at the players involved… is this the person that you have asked for the change about? As you internalize this turmoil, truly are you not walking into the very thing that is going to change your life?

Then stop! Do not create the same pattern when you can see clearly this is your opportunity to have that very change come into your experience. Why would you not take the life path you have asked for? Do not judge with your eyes what you have asked for and the Universe has now provided from your prayers and contemplation’s.

Start going back and find out how many times you have said you are not happy with this or that. Look then at the very experiences that came into your life to support the change that you were asking for and you simply walked away from them. I am sharing this because you do have to see that your creations are always there in front of you. When you claim, “No, not that way” you are saying no to the very change that was provided to you.

I would like to share one more thing… When the Universe provides the opportunity quickly after you have sat in the energy of true change, if you are wise and take that opportunity, it goes so smoothly that you will look back and say,“Why have I not done these things for myself sooner?” That is a question you must really listen to and answer. It is the one thing you should keep on the scale at all times.

You must see how often you are very sad and asking for change and the change is brought to you so very quickly and you just as quickly say ‘no, not ready’! Yet, you asked… it was provided… and now truly how do you feel by not taking that opportunity? Really… are you happier? Or have you found yourself back at the beginning with more time spent in pain and unhappiness simply, truly, because you did not accept your creation when the Universe first provided it for you. When was that? When you first asked, that is when you received your creation.

How many times are you asking for something in your life and just because you would claim you would not choose to have it come this way, are you consciously not choosing the very thing that you asked for… So then you must let go of the story that says ‘nothing ever works out for me’…. You are the only one in charge of accepting the very gift / creation. Will you say YES?!?

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