What is S.I.N.? It’s the Internet Radio Program —


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Here’s what others are saying about the program –

I listened to your broadcast, I liked what you had to say, and I followed it alot better by ear than I can by reading it. Good Job! You have a really good speaking voice, and got your point across. 🙂 Remind me and I will be sure to tune in every Wednesday at noon!
Anne Barker

I just finished listening to the program. BRAVO! You are remarkable. I learned a lot from what you were saying… and I WILL tune in each week! Thank You!!! 🙂
Debbie Pall Wendelken

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4 thoughts on “S.I.N.

  1. I listened to your broadcast yesterday and enjoyed every moment. You are a talented speaker getting your message across clearly and concisely. I look forward to your future broadcasts…my calendar is marked.

    • Thank you so much Ivy, I hope that the joy I have about the walk I have taken and so love to share with others is heard in that manner. I love working with people so that they can take the steps to free themselves from the life style that is getting in their way to simply love life. Have a wonderful day.

    • thank you very much for you impute, do you have any questions for me? I have many blogs that you can go into my archives feel free to go and give me some of your ideas have a most glorious day .

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