Rise and Shine!

When waking up in the morning what is the first thing that you allow yourself to begin to think about? These thoughts will give you a clue of where you underlining emotions are sitting.

Take time as you awaken to the new day and allow all the new aspects that you would like to have in your daily experience. When stressful and anxiety-ridden thoughts want to flood into your brain you are the only one that can take charge.

Remember, the energy that you sit in 98% of the time is the direct reason that you have the physical experiences that you are having. The way to change them is to always look at how those thoughts are affecting your life. What are you trying to teach yourself about the thoughts and ideas that you have?

They are the only reason you are living the way you are. Yes, it is a very simple truth. You can argue all you desire. I have seen it many times over. When you come to peace with this very simple rule of the Universe you can very quickly change your life. Not only that but you take back your power and once you take it back… you will never let go.

“Yes, I hear you, but what about the other people in my life. Don’t they have to change as well?” No, they do not have to change at all! The one thing that does have to be talked about it is our choices. Choices go hand in hand with taking charge of the energy that you sit in. As you make your changes in your thoughts you change the energy you sit in. You do have to look at your life and what changes you have to make to keep you happy and healthy.

Now, that does not mean you clean house so to speak and leave all and everyone you love go. Yet you do have to let them off the hook. You, as well as most people here, want to look outside themselves to blame for their life not being perfect. No, that has to cease!

To take charge and hold your power of self you have to know all things have been because of ideas and beliefs that you have about anything that has happened in your life.

I know it does sound harsh in the beginning but, once you say yes, this is the truth… then you are truly on your way to being in total control of your very own life.

Let me know what you think and feel… I will get back with you .

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