Resisting what you don’t want or building what you do want?


I would like to talk about a concept that is not really talked about: Anti war and Pro peace. Ask yourself what each of those concepts mean to you? I know that you desire to consider yourself a Pro peace kind of person. Do you realize though, that you are an Anti war kind of person?

I am sure that you think well Anti war… that is not a bad thing, What is the difference from Anti war and Pro Peace anyway? Are they not the same thing? Well, no… they are not the same thing. You are Anti war and should of course be working on being Pro peace.

Anti war is the process of taking a piece or pieces away from the whole and ends up breaking the whole concept, idea, etc down. Which then breaks down the integrity of the original.

Pro peace is when you take a piece and build upon the idea or concept that lets the whole be the way it was but in an expanded ideal.

So, how often are you taking a concept or an idea and taking away from the whole and then holding yourself or others accountable? Yet, by only taking one piece of the whole you are, in essence, breaking the whole.

The reason that I am bringing this up to you right now is because any time that we are communicating with anyone we do not look at the whole of the interaction. We tend to take one word or idea and not the total contents of the interaction.

You then focus on that one piece and do not gain what was the whole and complete idea that was being shared. That is how we create stories about our life and yet you could so totally rewrite your life story by just looking at the Whole or ‘Pro peace’ of the whole interaction.

I know this is a concept that is one of those ideals that we all feel we are sitting on the other side. Yet your physical experiences are showing you something different. If, in your inner thoughts, when you commune with your God, what are you praying for, what is the energy that you are sitting in most of the time?

Is it for a new better experience that is the concept of ‘Anti war’ where you are not taking the whole (you) and bringing from the inside out love and peace and tranquility. Are you praying for some outside (taking away from the whole) thing to change or be changed?

Remember the answers are within your being. That is the whole… learn to hear, feel, and take and make your choices just for you ….

Let’s talk or write to each other , I would love to share even more concepts and or ideas with you.

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