Releasing “truth” to find a new truth

Do you remember what it feels like to have the first burst of a new love in your life? It is that kind of expression you will experience when you truly start putting in the process to understand the reason that, “Self is Necessary” when you wake up in the morning and you can rejoice at the new day that you get to have and experience to the fullest.

This is no joke. Does it take work on your part? Yes! As I tell each of my new students, the best thing you can do in the first six months is put all of your beliefs and opinions in a box. Put a beautiful bow on it and put it in the back of your closet. Never to be opened for those first six months.

The reason I ask my students to do this is that it is your opinions, beliefs and ideas about the way this world works that has made you so unhappy.

When we are born we have the connection with our home, heaven, or as I call it the 5th dimension. If we watch the growth process we can tell as our little ones are forced to walk away from their connection to the 5th dimension as the parents repeat to them the parents ideas and beliefs and opinions about this world. Even those parents who are silent about how the world really works,  the way their vibrations are sitting still pulls the small child away from the Universal truth.

You can see this when the parent has a fear… the child will pick it up even if it is not always stated. If we would just give our small ones tender love and care we would be amazed at the wondrous things those small god beings would begin to share with us.

That is what I am doing when I ask them to create that box. It is not easy to let go of what you think the world has said to you… to come to the understanding that it has been you doing all the saying.

Until you are truly ready to look at the contrasting opinions and beliefs of your life story you will not be able to see the true wonder of this place, the planet we call our home.

As you walk in new truths about how this world around you can nourish and care for you in so much love, your heart will just be overflowing. All it takes is the time and the gentle loving you would have for a small child or animal as it is growing. You just have to have it for you .

In this way you will challenge what you say is the truth today with the possibility that there is a different truth. Not that there is a wrong or a right . It really comes to you just needing to make a choice that will bring to you a different result.

Delrae J Bantz

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