Recognizing Your Match

swingingIn class last night I spoke about how a vibration can and is the same in our lives even though the choices we are making can seem as though we are living different life scenarios. I could tell that was a new way of sharing with my students. We continued and I shared how a vibration is always the same. We meet people as we are either moving up or down the octave that we are in and yet some people may be moving to a higher vibration while others may be going down. Yet at the same moment we can touch someone’s life that for a few moments in Universal time can seem and feel like a perfect match to who we are. Yet keep in mind… you might have been on an upward movement and they were on a downward movement. This is where we have to know how to use both the spiritual tools and physical experiences as we begin to unravel for ourselves the choices we are about to make concerning that person or life expression that is hitting our vibration.

It is in how you go back and look at other times in your life when you were making a choice at a pivotal time. You begin to ask questions about those choices, did they truly fill the needs that you stated in your story that you needed? With the next and the next pivotal choice did it fill your needs? What and how do your needs differ today from then? Put on your scale all those questions that will get you to see how you told yourself that the choices you made were so you could have your life experience or what I am calling your needs to be had. Then you look closely and see if they then indeed gave you the feelings that you wanted or intended them to. This is how you begin to discern whether you are making choices on what to you seems like dreams you have but have not gotten to experience or if the choices you make are on a level that you have obtained but found out that they did not fill the need within your heart.

This is very exciting when you finally see that what you have been saying to yourself and others are your dreams, you can now see that maybe they were an idea about a dream but when you put yourself into the real life experience of them it wasn’t what you imagined, you did not feel that it matched. That way you cannot take away the dream parts and get closer to the real you in your heart. This allows you to trim away the fanciful part of your story and see how, because of your life experiences and the choices you have made, it can actually match you more perfectly as you design what your real needs are.

So let’s say you’re telling yourself you want a job where you get to travel all the time to new and wonderful places, and yet in the past you had that kind of job but you found out that even though you traveled a lot you did get to see some cool things. The way the job worked out you found it was not the job or traveling in the job that was your need, it was just to travel, to be able to be the keeper of your own time while traveling, to stop off and explore. Can you see that it is travel that is your need not a job that travels you to and fro?

Give these things some thought as you find yourself declaring what you need. You just might be surprised by the truth.





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