Recognizing the Inner Child’s Voice

Meditation-And-The-Critical-Voice-251x300So hopefully you are now understanding that in your contemplation of your life you look inward not outward. What I am talking about is really instead of looking at why someone else did something to you to hurt your emotions, you must begin to ask yourself questions about why you feel the way you do about the interaction that you are feeling bad about.

Your being in charge of your own life comes when you become aware of how you made choices in your life to be where you are today. You do get to feel bad, to cry, to want to lash out in rage at why you would do any and all these things to yourself. You can of course do any and all of those things.

I suggest that you muster up all the love and compassion for yourself that you possibly can manage, love yourself as though you were loving a small child that you know is needing your guidance as they learn how to navigate in the new expression that we call Earth.

Because, my Sweet Friend, in essence that is exactly what is happening. You are, for the first time, waking up and finding that no matter how many years you have lived here on the glorious planet Earth you are just becoming aware of how the small child in you has really been the prime reason you are in the mess you are in today.

So with much kindness and patience, you will have to walk yourself back to the place where you took on a belief or an opinion that has had you make choices that countered the very things that would make you happy and in joy in this moment that you are reading these words.

It is possible to live in joy here, it truly is, you just have to learn to recognize when you’re about to sabotage your own creations and why. You have to learn to stop listening to that small inner voice that wants to say, “No… don’t… this is going to hurt.”

You have to lovingly look at why that small being is so afraid of the choice that you about to make just for your very self.

Of course you will find out, like we all do, that it is when you tried those first few times to tell your parents, your friends, your family, the truth that “no, this is not good for me, I do not want to share my favorite toy today” they would force you over your own boundaries and then your feelings would get so very hurt that you said in the small child body, “Never again! I will never let my feelings get hurt again.”

That is the very crux of any and all issues when your little child gets in the way each and every time you desire to take that first, second, and third step just for you. You hear a very loud NO, NO, NO………..!

Once you begin to recognize that child voice you are going to be much better able to take charge of your life, recognize your opportunities, and take steps that only support your heart, the internal heart that is only speaking for the god self that is the most miraculous you.





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  1. Still trying to meet with you. I guess if you are not willing to let me come to you, at your convenience. Phone it is. Let me know how much money a call is, Thank you.

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