Real Change Requires Real Truth

postit2Have you ever found yourself waking up in the morning and watching someone else’s life and wanting a do-over on your own? Well, what do you think a do-over would entail? I feel that is probably right where most of you would decide all was lost and would give up. Why do you think I would say that?

For one thing we are living in a social consciousness that says all things should be ours in a nano second… and changing the way we have thought our whole life is going to take a little longer than a nano second. You also have to be willing to change your stories about why you feel bad about things in your life. Are you ready to change that?

So often when I am speaking with someone and ask them what would you like to change about your life, they start out by saying if only this person in my life would be different.

It seems to be a difficult concept for you to understand, even as you are saying all the affirmations, you still do not feel that within your heart. It is easy for someone who is listening, to hear, in a very short time, the difference between what you say you are feeling and what your are really feeling about a situation.

Does that sound confusing? It should. It is what is derailing your change into the new life you wish to express. It is totally possible to wake up in the morning and feel totally and completely happy in the expression of your day. Yes it is, when you seriously begin to see that each thing you do is either expressing the truth or it is sharing old beliefs and opinions that have gotten you to feel like it just is too overwhelming.

Each moment you can choose, and you do by the way… you choose to repeat an expression that either brings you peace in your world or it brings you unhappiness. One of the first things you want to begin to do is when you are sitting in a place that does not feel good to you, look at the choice you made to be in the situation.

Now the first thing that you may want to say is, “But I am not in charge of why that person did what they did to make me feel bad.”

Okay, now hear me… yes you were. You did not take the time to have a quiet but truthful talk with yourself.

You need to step back and begin to, in your heart, tell yourself the truth. Was this person that you say has hurt you a stranger? No? Well then this is where you have to start. Why did you make the choice to interact with that person the way you did? Do you see where I am going with this? You know this person, you know how you interact with this person, you know the general outcome of the interactions with this person. Do you see if you are honest with yourself maybe a choice would be not to be with a person who says or does things that do not feel good to you?

That is where your choice lies. Not in changing the other person. It’s time that you see the choice is yours and has always been yours to play with or not play with anyone in your life.

Delrae J Bantz

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