Quietly being a bully

As we walked through the holidays, I saw how often the loved ones around us use this quiet but deadly way of killing any kind of relationship with people we are saying we love.

I see that it really has more to do with what the individual is trying to keep as a secret in their own heart. So they desire to have everyone around them pretend that they do not see or know of the secret. It is in the person not being able to stand in the truth about whatever their secret is that allows the bullying to begin.

I have watched how they become more and more the bully the more they are afraid of their secret coming out. It is here that the people or person that is at the single point of the bullying must stand up quietly of course for the truth.

So often this is the very spot that most people do not desire to stand in the truth. I have spent much time contemplating not only how to get out of this kind of scenario, but how to see the scenario before it gets truly started. To be a true creator, this is where I would change the energy that I would put in to have a completely different outcome.

It is always so much easier to make changes as they are just beginning rather than seeing years of a relationship being built upon this very concept.

We can not blame anyone about this. We must remember that the Universe created the most beautiful dance for your questions. To be angry about the dance is what gets us stuck for most of our lives.

Let’s pull up our boot straps and stand in the understanding that for whatever reason, we felt that the energy with this person or person’s was a match.

It is our accountability and responsibility to recognize  what our lesson was and is. It is when we begin our questions to ourselves about what it is we needed at the time that gives us not only answers to our questions but, a small action step to become a stronger internal being unto ourselves. That does not mean a person alone. It means a person that goes within… for truth about self.

It gives you a strength to have anyone be in your life.  Yet, make the choice of, Do I desire to have everyone in my life experience.

Let’s have a discussion on this idea. Have a wonderful day into the evening tide.

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