Questions to ask, Choices to make

choices that liberateLast evening in class we began with the homework assignments that the individual students chose for themselves. The main theme was how do you as a god being in the beginning of your lessons know when you are making choices that will support the parameters that you are learning to set up for yourself so you know how to interact with the people in your life.

This is a question that is worth pondering. How do you know, when you are making those every day mundane choices, if they are the ones that will be the tipping point to disaster or the ones that will dissolve that thick residue that has had you stuck within those old patterns, behaviors and ideas.
How do you know whether the questions that you are asking have you standing in the Universal Truth or are leaving you simply playing in the physical world thinking that you have gotten it and you are on a roll?
How do you deal with the information when you find out that you have been fooling yourself into thinking you have this one down?
Once again I have put several questions down, but when you are in the midst of making choices don’t do so quickly in the beginning… take your time, give yourself time to really think and then feel what the choices you are about to make can do to you and ask how will the ripples of that choice go out into the Universe and then find their way back to you.
You would think that being an Adult would have given you the practice to make snap decisions yet those snap decisions that you have been making have gotten you right where you are. Not knowing how to make snap decisions.
So now realize that when you have your Guardian, your mentor, it is not about losing being in charge of your life, but about taking the time to really look at the story that you are telling yourself before you make the choice to move forward. This is so that you can begin to see whether you are walking over your own boundaries, the ones that you have set in place within your parameter. Always remember, whenever you are using those people you trust to walk through your evaluation process, you are the one who ultimately makes the final choice to either accept the choice or to simply say no not this time.
The one thing that you must begin to realize here is that it is you repeating old behavioral patterns and falling into those stories that you have told that allows others to have you walk right over your own new You. You will begin to see my sweet friend that you and only you were the source of the chaos. No matter how that makes you feel you must hold up your head and remember you are now becoming aware of it. That alone will be the factor that gets you to start breaking down where your weak areas are and you can, especially in those times, slow down, stop and take the time to look at the choices that you are about to make.





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