Questions That Can Set You Free

spiritualityWhen you wake up and realize that your life is definitely not what you thought it was going to be, what do you do?

One of the fastest ways to at least begin to understand why you are where you find yourself, is to begin to learn to question, without malice, the choices you have made in the past.

As I would question myself I would journal. You will frequently hear me recommend that you journal, because it is the best way for you to maintain, in a hectic world, your question of the day. It also will give you insight into how you tell your story.

Yes, we all tell stories of what has happened to us on our walk here. In telling those stories we pull ourselves deeper into the line that we are victims of our circumstances. In being a victim we do not have power any longer, we give it over to the people who are the ‘bad guys’ in our story. We keep ourselves hostage.


When you first meet someone, listen as they begin to share their life story with you. How do they tell it? Do they still have the pain, the anguish, or the anger that they felt when their story first unfolded? If they do they are pulling that same strife into each and every moment of their life today. They have not learned from the story, they have not changed how they feel about their life choices.

It is very easy to hear it from someone else, we are not emotionally attached to their story,  yet we are very attached to our own stories. They are carrying the vibrational disruption into each day of their lives.

As long as we continue to tell our story with the same vibration, the same heavy emotions every time we tell the story, we are simply recreating the vibration, inviting it to thread itself in the life lessons that we are learning today.

It is this vibration, the one that we carry forever and a day, that causes those really bad things to happen to us. I am sure you have already asked yourself, Why Me? Well, it is because you have just added to the vibrational stickiness and as you continue to do so, day in and day out, your draw from the magnetic’s can only match and it is matching that emotional baggage that you continue to retell .

The quickest way to turn things around is start questioning yourself about your story.

– How could you look at your story in a different way?
– Why do you desire to have a bad experience out of your story?
– What would your story look like, sound like, if there was a lesson that you set up for yourself to learn about you?
– What if that person who you are calling the ‘bad guy’ is the very one you trusted the most so you asked them to play this storyline out with you so you could learn about all those questions that I have just posed?

This is how you begin to set yourself free. It is not easy to let go of the bad people of our story, but it is the only way you will set yourself free.

As always it has been in your power to feel emotion that locks you into your old patterns or allows your heart to soar and fly as you open yourself to the possibility that you have always had the ability to set yourself free and maintain your life just the way you have always desired.

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