Putting YOU in the equation

WHOAREYOUWhy is it so difficult for you to make a choice just for yourself when you know it is the very best thing for your life? This is a question for you to look at seriously. How often do we continue on in situations in our lives that we would not consider if it was only about ourselves?

Well, I am here to say that is where you have to go back to. It is only about making that choice for yourself. One of the things I see happen too often is when deciding on what you should do you immediately tell yourself you can not do this or that because…

I say you are too far out into the future because anytime you are in question form with fear of your choice, it just means you are looking too far ahead. You really should stay in asking what step can you take today, right now, that will begin the process of making yourself happy.

I shall be your advocate. I shall say to you over and over again… If there is no “YOU” in the equation then what are you asking the questions for?

When we put someone over ourselves we could live years like that and then find out we should have just done the one thing just for self. That really would have been the best thing for everyone all along. It does really turn out that way. So do not wait, begin today to bring true  happiness into your experiences. You need to see that you do have the freedom to choose just for you and it will all work for you and those you are in question about today.

Plus you are being a Light for others, who then are asking themselves as well, “Why am I not happy? What can I do to become happy and only make choices for myself?” As you walk in your peace and joy, everyone around you will desire to find out how you did it.

Remember, if you really feel a change has to happen, and you fear the choice you know you need to make, you are too far out in the future. Make a choice that affects only today and allows you to be happy. Then when your next moment comes you make a choice to bring in happiness for that moment. You will be so surprised where each choice is going to take you. It may and generally is in a direction that you could never have imagined. I know that is exactly what happened to me.
Delrae J Bantz

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