Pull away from the social consciousness

pull away from the social consciousnessLearning to communicate with yourself can be truly the hardest thing you ever do. There are many pitfalls along the way as you begin to pull away from the social consciousness that has been a part of your life up to this date. You are asking questions that as you ask those around you are not making your heart feel at peace. You must always remember that the truth is held within your heart.

So as you walk forward into this new understanding that pulls you away from what you would call the life you have been living, you have to practice trusting your inner god voice. You have to learn that when your new choices begin to be felt by you that you do not get lulled into thinking that you are still telling yourself the truth about that you are following your heart.

I am not saying that you are making choices and that makes change. What I am saying is that you are maintaining the status quo because now, for the first time, you are beginning to feel the lightness of this new way for you. This is when it begins to get more tricky with your internal knowings. So, now you look around you have begun to make different choices for yourself but the choices that made you unhappy have not been truly addressed. So watch carefully as you begin this new communication with your heart.

When you see old patterns of your life begin to appear again, know that it is because you began the process of talking to your intellect as you are beginning to learn to communicate with yourself. Watch how you let your head run over your heart. How is that done? Well it is done when you put someone… or something… over your heart.

You have been taught two messages here on this glorious planet – One part of the golden rule – “Do unto others…” but do not forget the part that is overlooked is – “…As you would do unto yourself”. So if you are not taking care of your heart, your life, your needs and desires, You truly do not understand how it is to do for someone else.

So you are telling yourself that you love others, that you do for others, it may look by your actions that you are feeling good by what you are doing, Yet when it is all said and done, can you feel the great joy of the simple love for yourself?

When you are alone do you ever feel like you are being used? Do you ever feel like you wished that someone out there would understand and give to you what you are sharing with everyone else? Do you still have disappointments with your internal feelings about your personal life?

If you do then it is simply because you became lulled by the changes that you are seeing are truly by your choices. Remember, this learning about communicating with yourself will be a lesson that you walk each and every day of your life. You will learn wonderful things about yourself and the world around you… it is a glorious walk. Yet also remember it is about your heart and the Universal Truth.

It is our god given right to accept the Universal Truth, as well as you as a god-being may choose to stay exactly where you are. The choice is truly yours.

Find peace, find joy, just for you. Once you have it will spill out from your heart and you will begin to see a joy that will fill your being as though the sun was shining just for you.





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