Playing in duality vs playing in truth

Truth1What I did when my life got too tough to handle, was I went internal. By learning about the spiritual side of our world I found that there was a quiet gentle wave that would hold me and nurture me until I had the strength to go and tackle the world again.

Yet you must be very careful. It is very alluring to go drifting off and not participate with a world that you have made chaotic. It is a false peace if you do not balance the sweet peace you feel there with the wonderful physical life you have here. It is no different than drugs and alcohol… you can get lost in this drifting as well.

It is in the challenge of the information.

t is in getting out there and practicing what you are learning in the state of spirit.

It is in the pain of falling down and getting up and kissing your boo boo’s.

It is about learning to be in the understanding that you are the most important part of the puzzle as you move through each life experience.

This sets us free from the hurtful pain that we find ourselves in on this earth.

Many changes have been made to the very structure of our Planet. The magnetic grid that surrounds the Planet has been newly re-calibrated. In that new calibration the process of duality can no longer exist.

Duality is when we have made a choice and then have what is termed negative feedback. Instead of looking at the choice that we made freely, we go and explain the physical experience in a way that takes the sting out of it for us. So in other words, we begin to say It happened because of someone else. We say things like, “I would not have acted like that if it would not of been for…”

It does not matter how you term it. If you are not looking at the fact that you made a choice of your own free will then you are playing in duality. The quiet truth is you set it up, you walked it, you reacted in the scenario. Why? To simply learn how it feels. You heard me correctly, you made the choices you made to simply and truthfully feel.

In the 5th dimension you learn, you know it, You Do Not Feel It , like you feel it here. Begin to allow each and every experience you have to be in the truth that you set it up and you can change it simply by making another choice. That is all it takes to stand and learn the truth about this wonderful place. It will then bring your heart exactly what your heart is feeling. That is how and why you will know when and where to simply make a new choice.

Find the core of your being and stand in the truth that every and all things that you experience have always been in your control to change. As long as you desire to defend that it is not in your control, you shall stay in sadness and feel powerless to change anything.

Instead tell yourself the truth. The truth that right now you are afraid of the choice you have to make to have a difference in your life. Now that is the Truth and the whole truth .

Take the fist step towards truth. Forgive yourself and allow for the next step. Take that step just for you, for you to begin the quest of love, peace, and harmony within the mix of chaos right here in your life today.

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