Personal Power and Universal Truth

contemplation-labyrinthWhy do you insist on claiming your pain and hurt needs to be expressed to other people? What does it really mean to share one’s feelings, ones internal understandings?

As I sit and watch and listen to what others are claiming as their ‘feelings’, I am in true amazement. This is that what so many are calling “sharing their feelings”?.

Feelings surface when one has done deep contemplation about the choices that they, personally have made. If you want to share those feelings and understandings about self gained from this contemplation, then you are truly sharing feelings.

When you are looking at the choices and how they were then expressed back to you from another God being, this is called feedback.

It is not about looking at that persons face and saying, “You are doing this to me or doing that to me“. When you are truly on the path to make your life better, you will begin to see that to have personal power is about not blaming anyone else for anything that happens to you.

Do you hear what I am saying? To truly have personal power is to understand that you are sending out an vibration, that vibration consists of your thoughts and ideals, your beliefs and your opinions. The physical world is simply a playing field for each, as a sole person, to learn how to stand back in the god power that has always been our birthright.

We write mathematical equations / vibrations… they are called your life stories. You are completely in charge of how you walk through them and for how long it takes you to realize that you can be a god being on this planet. Yes, today you can begin to take your personal power back.

You take your personal power back by once again attuning yourself back to the Universal Truths, the Universal Laws. These truths and laws govern all things. Once you learn what that means for you, you begin to look at those opinions, ideals, beliefs, thoughts and deeds with a new eye. You begin to see if you simply take charge of what you say and do, your feelings begin to change. You see things begin to happen that are of your liking. You begin not to feel like each and every thing you are doing is breaking down and falling apart.

You begin to see that you do have a great power to change your life in anyway and do experience what you desire. You just must remember it is not about having a certain person in your life. It is about having the deepest love that can be experienced. Why do you care what the face of the god being looks like if they are your perfect match? It is and has always been about being in the truth, not your truth, the Universal Truth using the Universal Laws.

When you begin to allow these concepts to seep into your consciousness, you will see miracles happen in your life. I am here to help in any way that I can, just let me know… I will do my best to share these Truths.

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