PeaceMakers: Nice vs Guardians (part six)

What is being Nice: it is someone who does not do well when they are not in control of the environment around them, yet does not like discord. So they, in their most ardent soft voice, try to force others not to show any signs of emotion.

They are generally very well liked and they are considered to be never in any discord with their friends.

I ask you to look deeper though. I am not saying that they are not nice people, what I am saying is, in their own way… they are being a bully.

Ahhh… a bully. Yes, I have said it. They will not like to hear this. They will say, “Not I, I am nice, people really like me around.”

Now do not get me wrong… they are caring people but, they have not yet learned to be a true Guardian. Which means there are times when their ‘nice’ blows up in many people’s faces.

Let’s face it, anytime we are forced, even very nicely forced, we are not in the correct sequence with our own reason and beliefs. So if we try to do what a person asks of us (even a very ‘nice’ person) and it seems almost right, we need to recognize that ‘almost’ is not the same as a total balance in harmony. It can not last. Why? Because we did not have the time to really find out deep inside why we are feeling the way we do about the emotion or as most of us would think, about what happened in the experience.

What the ‘nice’ person is also trying to learn is how to have tranquility amongst the chaos of this world without it bothering their peace.

A nice person is here to learn the truth of what being a Guardian is all about. How a Guardian simply asks questions when someone comes to them for advice. For the Guardian knows already that the answer is in the heart of the person that is asking the questions. They know, for themselves, exactly what needs to be done.

The Guardian knows it is  the person seeking answers that must take the steps to make the change or it will not last.

The Guardian aslo knows that no matter how long it takes someone to gain the understanding, it is not a reflection on the Guardian or the person, it is all in the love and learning in the walk itself that matters. A true Guardian knows this and speaks this.

Do you have a true Guardian in your life already? Or do you only have a nice person in your life?

Have a most wonderful day into the evening tide.

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