PeaceMakers: Nice vs Guardians. (part seven)

When I speak of being nice, what do you feel? What do think you are? Have you looked around at what is in your heart? I do not believe enough people, when they have anger erupt in their lives, look at what is in their heart. I believe that what they do is spend their time wondering and asking, “why did the other person do this to me? I am such a nice person.”

Is that what you do?

We are always supposed to question, but the questions that we would ask about the other person we should turn into questions about ourselves. Yes, all the answers are in our own hearts. It should, of course, never be about what the other person did. I say this because they are playing a beautiful role but, the role they play is for us to learn about ourselves. For us to learn about where we are standing in our hearts.

How many of us want to see our hearts as bad, or angry, or sad, or sneaky or all the things that we see about someone else? (Of course none of us want to see that. We always want to see the sunny side of ourselves. Yet the experiences keep happening. Why?

The reason is because no matter what our heart is trying to get through to us, we did not listen when it was a soft voice talking to us saying, “You did not like how this experience felt. Maybe you should try being different in how you respond.” So instead, an experience surfaces to give you the information in a more forceful way.

When we have an emotion or a feeling, it is always very wise to take the time to register it. Not to run away, not to then blame someone for speaking out loud the very words we have felt in our hearts… but instead we have to look at the words. We have to deeply contemplate, “what does it mean to be humiliated?”

For it is that one emotion that has us run from the truth within our hearts. If we stop and see that we are not the only person that has been in this emotion, we would allow ourselves to hear and take the simple baby step of speaking from our hearts quietly and in love with ourselves. By standing here we can then become not only a Guardian to self, but also to our beloved friends and family .

Have the most glorious day and into the evening tide.


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