PeaceMakers: Nice vs Guardians (part nine)

Why is it so hard for us to admit the truth? Why can we not say, “I can not do that“. A very simple statement, right? Yet, when are are asked to participate in something that we know right away we do not desire to do, why can’t we simply say those words… “I just can not do this for you.”

First of all, one reason is you have not taken the time in your life to truly look at what you mind doing and those things that you really have no desire to do. Secondly, at an early age we are forced by our parents to do things we did not desire to do. Because the outcome of their scenario turned out ok, They, as Guardians, or you, internally, did not have that conversation about why , what, where and when. Questioning yourself about how you feel all along the way.

So today you are looking at a person you do not know internally. That puts you at a great disadvantage.

You do not know yourself well enough to be able to say yes or no quickly… so you seem to be giving the answer that will make your family, friends or co workers happy. As a result, you generally will find yourself tired, cranky and very defensive.

You will be asking your self,“Why does no one hear me?”

You are trying to get yourself to hear you, not someone else! If you remember or are willing to learn that all… and I do mean ALL physical experiences are only to show us our balance, then you will understand that no one else needs to hear you. Only you, yourself, needs to hear you.

What do I mean by our balance? I mean that feeling within ourselves that we can go through any scenario in life and go through it seeing and learning about our feelings and emotions. Did we go through some chaotic experience and yet have happiness and joy along the way? So, when you look back at it you can start breaking down the pieces that brought to you that feeling of being out of control.

Often when we are going through an ordeal, instead of letting ourselves experience the joy of interactions with others we get reclusive or angry or even whiny.

On top of that, we wonder why, when we help others not out of the simple joy of doing so but, out of frustration or annoyance, that it ends up with a less than 100% advantage for our growth.

Instead, we could be looking and seeing how did , “I ” walk through the chaos.

Learn about why you do things. Ask yourself questions about the scenario you just walked through. Find out where you placed your internal self.

If you are looking outside yourself for validation you will always feel that you did not quite get the real high you desired. Only within yourself can you feel the welling of your heart when, in a very quiet moment, you can see that you just hit one of your marks for success.

Let’s talk about this or any question you may have. Have a great day and into the evening tide.

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