PeaceMakers: Nice vs Guardians: (part eight)

As we look at several words, I have seen many people shy away from what they hold as a concept of them. To the point that they actually give up on themselves and walk away from a very happy existence. What words would you feel would do this to a person?

Truly feel in your heart what words would do this to you?

It is these words that are playing out before your eyes in a physical experience. Yes, that is the Universal truth.

Instead of trying to defend words that are holding you back, gently take each word and hold it within your thoughts. Learn about this word. Look it up in a collegiate dictionary. Talk to your friends and family about what they feel the words mean.

This will begin to give you an understanding of the under current that is running through your life because you are trying to claim that these words are not you.

The power lies in the truth. The truth you stand in vs the truth that is. We do have to stand in non-judgment and let the humiliation fall from our shoulders as we begin to see the Universal truth. As we do so we can take the next step to setting ourselves free.

Once we begin to understand that words were designed to express what our feelings were, and that thoughts help us express them to someone else, then we can take back our power and stand only in the feelings that always speak to us.

In every instant we have a choice to walk over our feelings or stand gently up for them. We do not have to scream or cry or yell or feel bad for having them.

We must learn that they are ours and we can not make some one else responsible for hurting us or making us mad or sad. Those emotions can only happen because at one time or another we did not gently stand in the truth about a choice we did not want to make. We looked upon the person asking us to make the choice as having more wisdom or a bigger stick – one or the other.

Yet , we were not taught how to stand in love for ourselves and say, “I cannot do that. I love myself too much to make that choice. It does not feel right for me.”

Why can we not say those simple words?

Have the most glorious day and into the evening tide.

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