Peace makers: Nice vs Guardians (part five)

Earlier I was speaking about timing and how to send a request out to the Universe. I was also speaking about the role that each one of us plays in any scenario. I have heard time and again. “I did not say anything because… “

I ask you to stop and contemplate this statement. If it is as I am saying, that everything is a beautifully choreographed dance set up by the Universe and you were there with the person, hen I ask you… were you not supposed to say something?

Why do we keep quiet when we hear someone talking about another person, describing them from a perspective we don’t share? Why do we not simply and quietly say “that is not how I see that person”. Or “I have not had that experience with that person”. It may be the very thing that is needed for the speaker to see another side of the story.

You see we have these stories and we do have the Universal right to have our stories. The one thing we must remember is the dance. All of the reasons the Universe matches us in any life experience is to learn and to gain for our self growth. So if you defend your lack of action saying, “I did not participate because ?????” you are wasting a creation that you have asked for.

Yes, you have asked to learn about something or someone. Think about how many times in our quiet times we are asking for change. Yet, when we are in a scenario to teach us about change we say to ourselves, “this is not about me!”

Again I ask you to stop and really take some time think about what you would have learned about yourself and your skills of communication if you would have played the part with the other person.

What would you have learned about standing quietly in your truth about a situation. Why are we so afraid to even quietly stand up for what we feel is the truth about something?

Is that person going to stop liking us?

If that is the case should we not ask ourselves why we have this person in our lives if we cannot be in the truth when we are around them?

How easy is it to stand in the truth with all your friends, family and acquaintances? We must begin to be the Guardian of our self first. And then, with love in our heart, work on being a true Guardian to others, which means standing quietly in the real truth of any scenario around us.

Agree with me? Feel free to challenge me. I wait for your reply . Have a wonderful day and into the evening tide.

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