Peace makers: Nice (part two)

Let’s continue our discussion from earlier. So… we go back to having questioned ourselves about being nice. What were your conclusions?

It could be several things. It could be that we’ve concluded, “I have a need to be nice.”

If that is your conclusion then I wonder if you were asking questions about why everyone wants to be nice. If so this is not the sort of questions I was speaking about. I am speaking about just this very scenario… this one moment in time.

Should we be nice just because someone’s feathers are ruffled? Because with each moment there is an energy that is swirling around the people participating. The Universe is responding to the energy that each individual is sending out. That is what draws the participants to be together at that moment and time.

Contemplate what I have just written… if you are in the room you are a participant!

That means you have sent out energies with your thoughts, your ideas, emotions and feelings. It was these four points that drew all that participated together for that creation. So, if you are telling yourself it was not your issue you are not telling yourself the truth. This is where the Peace Makers of the world need to act as Guardians… not friends.

That means instead of letting things get out of hand, instead of sitting in the room and pretending you have nothing to do with the behavior you are observing, remember… you are there! You are sitting in the energy that is allowing the drama to happen. Stand in the Universal Truth. This is your experience. You sent out for it so that you could learn about yourself.

What role do you have to play? Well, that is determined by whether or not you are the one expressing your anger or surprise, or you are being the questioner. If the energies are getting out of control then all that are in the room are not taking their roles and holding onto the lesson that they have been contemplating within their being.

One thing to always remember – for you to be there you have been contemplating on this issue at hand. If it does not look like what you have been contemplating it is simply because you have not gone deep enough in your contemplation’s to recognize your reason for the lessons at hand.

All things are about you for you. That is the very simple truth. When we stand in that truth, we begin to see how the physical experience is always to have a purpose. The purpose is to learn about the wonder’s of your Self.

Agree with me? Challenge me… I am waiting to respond to your thoughts. Have a wonderful and glorious day into the evening tide.

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