Peace makers: Nice (part three)

So, in the last post we talked about the fact that you were there and you sent out the energies to be there. Your thought role was to be nice. So what does that mean to you today after what we have been talking about? Did you sit back and do nothing as the drama was unfolding? If so, were you being nice to yourself? Yes, that is exactly what I said, were you being nice to yourself?

What I mean by that question is… start taking into consideration how much time it takes to build an energy for your lesson. Then the Universe has to draw the energies of like together so that you can have the physical experience to check in to see if it gave you the spiritual understanding you were asking for. By doing this you can see how, when we do not stand in our purpose for any physical experience, we are wasting time, space and energy. This is why even as a spectator we can walk away with some emotions leaving us feeling ‘less than’! This is what a lot of people who like to try to keep the peace are really feeling.

I say check in though – if you were not present, and someone is simply describing their experience to you, then it was very simply not a Universal match for you.

So trying to be nice means what to us now?

Well, what is the role of people in the room or area? You are guided by your internal knowing. If you get the urge to say something like, “Maybe we can start over?” or “Did you really mean the words you just said?”

When watching and seeing both sides are sitting with their eyes wide shut. then it is the guardians role, with real empathy in their hearts, to speak the truth. Even if it seems like it might sound harsh or out-of-place.

As a guardian though, you must remember, do not let emotion rise within you. When that happens then you are taking sides and that of course can turn into someone walking away with the feeling of being attacked.

All things are lessons. We must remember this very important process. You will and shall have ‘do over’s’ until you do gain the understanding of “being nice”.

What do you think? Whether you agree or disagree, I am waiting for your response . Have a wonderful day and into the evening tide.

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