Peace makers: Nice (part four)

I have of course just scratched the surface of how ‘being nice’ doesn’t serve as it is currently used, but let us go on to talk about Peace Makers.

Here we have to begin to question ourselves about why we desire to be a Peace Maker?

What is the true Universal role of a Peace maker?

When I claim to be a Peace maker am I standing in the Universal truth of what that role is? Or, because I do not like unrest between my friends and or family, am I forcing a situation where once again one or more people feel put upon?

Again, we must begin every situation with the fact that just because a group of people are together does not necessarily mean that our Peace making skills should be put to the test.

What do I mean by this last sentence?

When it is a Universal lesson for all involved it will run smoothly. In other words, no one will have to broach the subject. It will come into the conversation very naturally. Please contemplate this last sentence this is very important.

The Universe works on energies and there is a very intricate timing that takes place. When a person is playing a role that is not within the sequence of the energies the Universe is setting up, then you get things like bad reactions, or someone going away feeling attacked or having to force a situation into being. These things are all evidence that you are not in sequence with the Universe.

Once you start seeing how, when you have emotions that you need to express and you are simply in your quiet time and you send out the request to have this matter addressed, it will become very easy to know how and when to bring up anything you need to deal with.

The most amazing things begin to happen when you leave things up to divine guidance. Sending out your request and then watching for the timing of the request as it comes back to you to be addressed will change everything.

I am truly amazed at how people mess up and bring unhappiness into their lives because they do not understand timing and the sequences that the Universal energy takes and needs to bring to us each and every request we have. (aka Our Needs)

Agree with me? Disagree? Feel free to challenge me. I am waiting to have a communication with you. Have a wonderful day and into the evening tide.

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