Peace makers: does being ‘Nice’ serve? (part one)

As I am sitting here thinking about what I am going to write in my blog today, I listen to the sounds around me. The music that is playing… It helps me tune into the internal truth of self. What is the one thing that makes today different in what I should express and will open up the door for someone right now?

I have chosen to write about being nice and trying to be a peace maker.

In the last couple of days I have been watching what that does… not only to the person trying to be the peace maker but also what it does to the individuals that were themselves in the drama.

I have also watched how hard it is for the person being the peace maker to stand in the truth about what they saw or heard about the drama .

As I write I see that we have three separate issues here all being smushed together. Okay, lets see… we have

1) ‘Being Nice’…

we have…

2) ‘Being a Peace Maker’

and we have

3) the drama.

I know that some people reading this would say, ‘no, this is one issue.’

Yet I say to you… from a Universal perspective it is three issues. When we begin to accept and walk in Universal truth we begin to understand there are only energies that the truth recognizes and as we begin to use them with our needs and intentions in mind we get mind boggling results.

So, what does it mean to ‘be nice’? Lets break this down. To do so we must begin to question why we desire to be nice? This is where we may need help in the beginning because we have a tendency of being lenient on ourselves.

Pick someone you trust to give you feedback. You must be able to hear from them the words you have been trying to express but are too embarrassed to look at from yourself. There will be a time when you will hear your words about the truth about yourself without any kind of judgment… simply from your heart… yet for now it will help you to get feedback from a trusted friend.

Express to them, in question form, what nice means to you. In other words, do some of your thinking out loud with this other human being present. Such as putting this question out there, “If I am not nice what does that say about me?, Does that mean I don’t care?  What does it say about me if I do not care?”

It generally takes 4 or 5 questions being asked of ones self to begin to get to the reason that you feel you have to step in and be nice. So continue to question yourself in order to get to the real root of why you feel, in a drama situation,  that you need to be nice.

Was it really a good idea to even get involved with the Drama? I leave this for you to think about… and would love to have you share your thoughts.

Feel free to challenge me. Waiting to hear from you. Have the most wonderful day into the evening tide.

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