Peace is Possible

I have been sitting here contemplating what it means to have a new awareness come to me. I know as I get close to a new insight that is going to change my whole outlook on life I can feel wonderment and an excitement begin to fill my whole body. It is as if I was a radio and finally the tuning knob is so very close to the right spot. I have a lightness to my mind and the thoughts that are coming to me.

The past enlightenments  have shown me that my life is changing and for the better. That opinions that I have held in the past no longer hold me hostage from what the Universal truth is about. I have studied the works of sages before me. I see that my walk is one that has  been walked before, even though there are many times that I feel very alone. For when I speak it is as if I am speaking a language not of this earth.

I have come to see that when one chooses to learn about the Universal truth it does set them apart from others.

I have learned that for a while one must study on the mountain top or it seems as such.

I have also found for myself that to live in a life that has many challenges and chaos is the true way of learning how to walk here in peace and tranquility even though everything around me may look like chaos and unrest.

Why am I sharing this? I am sharing because as I watch and listen to news and my wonderful family and friends around me, I see that there is much unrest among us. I want to hold out a light for each and every one of you that are tired of not feeling safe

I want to remind you that peace can be had in your lives. I am telling you that anyone can find this truly here on this earth. You can… Come challenge your way to the truth of the unspoken Universe. It sits beside us and among us.

Challenge me. I dare you all.

Have the most glorious day and into the evening tide.

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