Peace in Chaos

As I am changing the format of my radio show, Self Is Necessary, I shall also open up here and talk more from the expression of the whole Universe and the Truths that are not believed here on our wonderful planet. It is a shame how much information of the truth is here but, is not open and shared with anyone that simply desires to learn.

It has been kept in sealed and locked up places. So that like I, you would have to spend years learning how to get in touch with that internal God essence of yourself. Now, we are really going to let it all out of the bag so to speak. It is an easy sequencing process that happens to see and feel joy in your heart.

calm-in-chaosTo feel it flow through your body as you simply look out your window, whether the sky looks gray or not. It just runs through your body, it then begins to take over how you think about things that are happening in your life. It has never been about going on to a mountain top to get away from your weary life. That was my whole reason of looking for peace.

I did not have the time or the want to leave my family for long periods of time to reconnect with the God source, it was my goal to learn how to live with this peace and tranquility in the very center of chaos that we all call our everyday life. That is exactly what I have found and did for myself.

Just recently, to one of my family members, I had to express that they were taking my peace of mind and confusing that with an inability of taking an action step. No, I was sitting and am sitting in joy, by doing so, I do not waste time on trying to figure out an action step before an action step can be taken.

It also keeps me from crossing someone else’s boundaries and letting them walk their lessons without my interference. One can not take an action step until one is needed. Yet, by taking the discipline and learning about the internal pieces of yourself, is part of how you have tranquility while chaos is going on around you.

You then know what your participation needs to be and when it is helpful to participate. It may not be when the person who is walking, talking and living in chaos believes it should be. Because they are not in touch with their internal being of self they only desire to not have the unpleasant emotions that are driving them… they want to hand it off to you. That is what pulls us into their drama. Before you know it you now feel bad as well.

It is also not about you hiding and not participating with the world, It is about the freedom that comes when standing in and knowing the Universal Truth.

Find your Teacher, your mentor, and for all that your life is worth bring in and live in the Universal Truths. It is where your true heart resides and where joy is an every moment sensation.
Delrae J Bantz

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