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187195_1124443519_8049177_nWhen one desires to walk the path of Universal Truth, what does that mean? How does one walk peacefully, joyfully, amongst those here on this beloved Earth when so many are in turmoil, where there is poverty and unrest everywhere?

It has been my goal to learn to walk here, right in the middle of life, not on a mountain top, doing that very thing. Learning, and most importantly allowing, the flow of the Universal love for me. I have found answers in my quest for truth and they are answers that make my heart feel at peace.

When I looked to the religious teachers for answers, I only found that they, in their hearts, did not know the answers either. I was told by so many that my questions were the same as they had and they would ask them first thing when they got to heaven. That was not good enough for me. I needed to find peace and joy now. My heart was so troubled I could not sleep at night for the fear and worry that was in my mind.

I was pulled and I continued to study and read, I read every new age book I could get my hands on. They left me the same way as the religious teachers, they did not really believe. They wanted to, just as the Priests and Pastors did, but they could not feel it in their hearts either, they were caught in the everyday aspects of life.

psychicfair2In my quietness of contemplation I cried, I continually asked for a teacher… a true teacher that could show me the way to peace here on Earth. I just knew it was possible. I had a deep urging that kept me walking forward. I have always had a talent of being in a group of people and if in the conversation, questions of desire to learn of something arose, the answers just flow through me. So that led me to the study of the Tarot cards as well as reading palms, the study of how and why the mind works as it does.

It led me to my first psychic fair. I thought, “Wow I am going to find my teacher”, what I found was a job. Yes, I was hired to do readings. I was a natural. Of course if someone asked a question the answer was always given to me. When I got to go to my first working fair, I was ecstatic, thinking about all the like minds, imagining the rich conversations I was going to have. What I found was sad little people who only knew a science of their craft, not the heart felt love and joy of sharing knowledge. It broke my heart. Once again… no teacher.

I did not give up, what it did for me was enhanced my gift of hearing, it taught me boundaries of when to speak and when not to. It is not about just shouting information at people but allowing them the free choice of if they desire the information. It is always about asking them first. I learned to be a teacher. I learned that with my unique talent, if I taught… I learned. Can you believe it , it was inside of me all along.

By following my heart, it lead me on a path I would not have told you I would have gone. But by walking it, it showed me a way to have the internal dialogue begin and how to hear it loud and clear. How to have students come to me and yet, remember that I was the student as well.

I would teach what I had already learned and as I taught the basics the next level of understanding would be right there for me to hear, loud and clear. Each day I simply share and in the sharing I gain. I love. I have my tranquility. And I am learning now how to walk with true joy in my heart .

I am walking with the grace of love for myself which allows grace and love to flow out from me and touch those I meet and interact with. I have found the door and I have opened it. I am allowing myself to walk through that door and now each day I sit in the positive expectancy of the next lesson, the next opportunity to share what I have learned with someone new. I have learned that in my sharing I am learning, in my learning I am growing in my growing I am sharing. It is the most glorious of all understandings

I love my life here, may I share this with you, as you share a new understanding with me…

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