Pay Attention To Your Energy

I have been working with some small gatherings and a lot of the questions that arise are really about how to have faith in yourself. How do you know which voice is the right voice to listen to? People worry about listening to the ‘wrong’ voice.

To address this I would like to continue with the words energy and vibrations that I was talking about in the previous blog post. It is very important for you to understand the difference between these two things if you are really serious about changing your life and how you live it, instead of being always at the mercy of life itself. That is what I am here to mentor you for.

You must begin to understand that you, as a God Being, set up a mathematical sequence to live and learn by before you came. You can then see that you had a desire on what you were going to learn about while you were here. That is why you have a specific life energy not like anyone else’s ever. It is the vibrations around your birth that start diverting you from your true life energy almost immediately. Your mothers vibrations can affect you almost at once as you travel down the birth canal. Then those vibrations that you are brought home in are affecting you as well. So the likelihood that you are anywhere near your birth energy is slim.

You must understand you are in charge of the energy in which you came here. You are aware by this desire or pulling that keeps telling you, you are not doing what you should be doing. That pulling is nudging you in the direction of the energy which fits you best. The vibrations are the things pulling you away from the true energy source. That true energy source will fill your heart and soul and you will begin to understand how to walk in pure joy here on this lovely planet called Earth.

You will walk it without fear of not succeeding in anything you would like to do. That is the truth, you as well as all of us have that birthright. You just have to learn the sequence you take to have each and everything you need and desire be a part of your life experience here.

So, do you feel you are off? That is the first thing you need to acknowledge. The second is you must understand all through your life you have made choices to accept things as they were or change them. So it is your accountability not to blame others for where you are at in your life.

If you are still desiring to blame someone else you are not ready for this change to happen in your life. To stand in this energy you must learn to evaluate your very personal life choices and why you made them. It is in that process you see how you can make different choices to have different outcomes. You do not need anyone else to make a different choice.

Delrae J Bantz

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