Passion: what is it????

As we look at this word, PASSION, we would think that it would be an easy word to describe in ones head. I have spent more than a few minutes to feel this word within my being. Saying ‘passion’, over and over in my head, trying to feel this word in more than just the first two ways that we feel this word.

We feel this word for a person, we feel it, if we are lucky, for the work that we do, or maybe a cause that we have found in our lives. Do we feel this word for ourselves? Do we take the time to look at whether or not we feel this word for ourselves? Do we say we have passion for who and what we are?

So I looked up the word passion and in all the definitions they could not describe to me this word passion.

So how do we even know if we are in passion if it is one of those words that they can not really give a proper description of. I continued to try to find a feeling within myself that would give me an idea of what this could possibly mean to me.

I have to say, I have had a wonderful walk up to this moment learning for myself what the word means to me. I have found that this word, like our lives, becomes a very personal walk for each and every one of us.

This word took me through the words ‘beliefs‘ and ‘opinions‘. Which, if you would have asked me prior to my contemplation, I would have said have nothing to do with one another. But through the course of my study I found that all of these words do lead us to a place within our hearts that can start to begin our understanding.

Passion for me it turns out is the single most wonderful word to get you started on the quest to find self. It does turn out that once you start asking questions of self about this word it unto it’s self can take you on a glorious journey of understanding your own true nature.

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