Passion for life

When we wake in the morning, do we smile to ourselves? Are we happy to be here? Can we get up with a true reason to be here? To find a passion that allows us to feel these things should be the only reason we exist. Why, you ask? Well I believe that without our very own will to stand up and smile and be happy just because, why should we stay?

I mean this, look deeply within your soul my friends. It feels so good to be in joy. I happened upon it, Joy that is, earlier this year. I thought it was because of an outside situation. As it was happening I kept thinking to myself, to beĀ maintaining this wonderful feeling, it must simply be for and from me. Why? Because the outside can change.

I looked at the feeling closely to see why joy was here in my experience. I held it closely as though it might get away. It feels so good to have my internal person happy like this. So I looked around. What did I find? I found I should bring my child-like self back into my everyday life.

It began to work. As I shared in my writings the simple joys I was experiencing, people started to respond in like. I was touching my own soul, yet I was seeing people answer and thank me for writing and sharing my simple pleasure. Guess what happened? I was beginning to maintain my inner joy. It was growing to fill a larger portion of my heart.

Which allowed me to have it spill out and touch more people around me.

As I walk this joy, I am noticing I am being able to keep my joy even if those around me desire not to be happy. Yet I am finding true joy is contagious. One can not be in it or around it without it changing the outcome.

Why take things so seriously? Do not make matter out of something that simply is of here. We are the writer of our story. Make it what you will! Yet, never lose sight that joy is but a step away from your experience. It is simply your choice to take it and hold it dear to your heart.

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