Parameters – the glue that is allowing you to have the experience

All experiences are simply your inner feelings, just do not struggle with the glue that is allowing you to have the experience.

When I watch the stream on Facebook  I see so many talk about the constraints of this thing or that thing. Yet without having constraints, (or as I call them parameters) in your life how does one learn discipline?

When you begin school you are used to having your home to play in, to be loved and adored by those Guardians that are taking care of the little being who does not have the learning about the world and or skills to make his or her way in society.

Then we are in this new environment — you are placed in a room with many different kinds of other small beings coming from all different kinds of homes. Why do you go to school? Is it because you were forced to? Is it to learn things that you would not learn from your Guardians? Would you have the kind of different ideas that come at you from submersing yourself in a new environment if you stayed at home?

There are many different kinds of education that come at you when you learn to recognize the parameter that you have placed yourself within. Learn what the strictures are of your new parameter. It is not about how to escape the parameter… it is to see how your spirit shows you how to have the fullest experience here on earth.

When you are in struggle with the parameter you are so engrossed with trying to change the parameter that you miss what you have designed as your life lesson for you. Do not forget… all things have been in the core of your feelings. From there the Universe constructs a playground for you to test out these feelings you are asking to see, feel, hear, taste and experience.

Have you lost sight of that? Stop when you are angry at something you feel helpless to change. Stop to see if you are trying to change the parameter that is simply holding the energy for you to express those feelings that are deep down inside of you.

Nothing can be expressed for you by others. It is your expression and yours alone to have.

Take a look around you, then go within yourself to find where the feelings are and learn to recognize where they are in alignment with the energy held by the parameter. Once you see that they have and do match your parameter, you then can take hold of your life experience and begin to run the show instead of the letting the show run you.

All experiences are simply your inner feelings, just do not struggle with the glue that is allowing you to have the experience.

Delrae J Bantz

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