Our ‘truth’ or Universal Truth

truthvstraditionWhen a person is saying to ‘go internal and find the truth’, do we know if that is our truth or the Universal truth? How do we know when we are standing in Universal Truth vs our truths.

This is a question that must be addressed by each of us. You can get easily swayed by your opinions and beliefs and by the circumstances that you are standing in at the time. It is very easy to have social consciousness lead us to believe we know we are standing in the truth.

You must be in constant contemplation about the action steps or thoughts that you are thinking about taking. First and foremost you must know your heart, and what is making your heart feel good. If you are sad, you are going against what your heart is telling you .

Yet once again, your heart is hurt because from such an early age you did not learn how to choose by your feelings and needs. You were forced by others to learn to make choices that were for their convenience, their ideals for you or for their society. So it is no wonder so many people today can sit and say,

“I do not know what my feelings are.”… and I know that is being said with all sincerity. You do not know. So I am going to be spending some time on working with how to find our feelings and then how to learn what the Universal Truth is.

It is very simple as far as the Universal Truth. The decision you make gives you Joy. The choices that you make to support your decision will either bring you joy or it will bring you sadness. Those that support and enhance your decision are in the Universal Truth.

You see, the first and foremost thing to know and learn and hold so dearly in your heart is the decision is not what you give up on… it is to look at the choices you made. That is where you put your focus – on the choices that took you on the path you find yourself. Yes, even if you ┬ádo not make choices to change, you’ve still made the decision not to change. It is there that you begin to look at what it was that led you to make the choice not to change.

Don’t think it is bad not to make a choice. That stops most of you dead in your tracks. You should be looking right there. Simply ask, “Why could I not make the choice to support my decision for change?” Then take the time to really look at that. Yes, right there. What was it you were telling yourself?

This is where you will find the clues on where you are weaker. And with an understanding of why you are weak there you will begin to pull in the support system that will help you build the strength to make the choices that support your decision for change.

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